Practical information on replacing a Honda Civic battery
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Practical information on replacing a Honda Civic battery

Formed by two poles, a battery is a familiar sight to all drivers. But its role is less familiar. In fact, it provides the power needed to start the car and power the many electronic devices.

When it fails, it must be replaced. The same goes for replacing the battery in a Honda Civic, which follows a specific procedure to ensure that the car will still start.

Changing a Honda Civic battery

A battery, which provides the electricity needed to run the car, is a changeable component that must be recharged or replaced when it becomes defective or worn out. It generates an electric current by moving electrons between the 2 terminals of the electrodes.

The Honda Civic has 3 types of batteries: an open battery, an EFB battery, and an AGM battery. Changing this battery is not a random operation.

In fact, it’s done when the car shows signs of fatigue, such as :

  • Appearance of a battery warning light ;
  • Reduced engine speed ;
  • Reduced power to lights;
  • Reduced windshield washer speed.
  • These signs indicate that a Honda Civic battery is exhausted and needs to be replaced. If this is not the case, the motorist may be faced with several breakdowns.

It’s also important to know that the average life of a battery is 5 years. This period varies according to the condition of the vehicle, the circumstances of use and the type of battery.

How to Deal with a Honda Civic Battery Recharge Failure?

How do I change a battery in a Honda Civic?

To avoid the loss of information and settings from the Honda Civic’s device, as well as a reset, it’s advisable to preserve the vehicle’s digital memory on a device that can maintain a 12V voltage within the circuit during the period for replacing the battery. The old battery is then connected to the instrument by its cables. It is therefore essential not to create a short circuit by first disconnecting the negative terminal connected to the structure.

It takes an average of 25 minutes to replace a Honda Civic battery.

This maneuver also requires turning off the ignition. The next step is to clear the way and remove anything that might block access to the battery. To remove the old battery, disconnect it and move the terminals. The new battery is then placed in the previously sanitized container.

Once properly installed and secured with the bracket and screw, it is connected to the positive and negative terminals. Finally, the performance of the new battery can be tested by providing ignition and starting the engine.

Honda Civic battery replacement prices

The cost of a Honda Civic battery varies by model. At a repair shop, it ranges from $149 to $220 for a Honda Civic. In addition, labor costs range from $50 for a low-capacity battery to $250 for a high-capacity battery.

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